Tibet Self-Immolations Spread To Lhasa

The World

The scene of the protest: the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa (Photo: Wiki Commons)

There was a deadly protest in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, Monday. Two young men set themselves on fire, to protest Chinese rule. Police put the fires out quickly, but one man still died. Almost three dozen Tibetans have attempted to burn themselves to death since March 2011. But these are the first cases in Lhasa. The World's Beijing correspondent, Mary Kay Magistad, tells anchor Marco Werman that with each of these deaths the Tibetan community mourns the loss but honors the memory. Many Tibetans, says Magistad, feel that "What a lot of Tibetans ideally would like is to be able to practise their religion … (and) speak their language at home and to some extent at school without the restrictions which they have faced." The Chinese authorities characterize these self-immolations as acts of terrorism.