Chen Guangcheng: The Emblem of a New Kind of Dissent in China?

The Takeaway
The ongoing saga around Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng's fate remains as unsettled as it's been all week, with much still unclear about the circumstances around his release from the American Embassy in Beijing. But with all eyes on Chen, we're taking a closer look at his particular brand of dissent. Rather than calling for an overhaul of the government system, he is striving to make reforms within the current structure. P.J. Crowley is former assistant secretary of state for public affairs. He is now a professor at George Washington University. Jonathan Fenby  is an expert on China. His latest book on China is called "Tiger Head, Snake Tails: China Today." He talks about how the advent of social media has changed the way reformers operate in China, and the methods of finding ways around the controlled media in the country.
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