UK & US Implicated in Rendition of Libyans

The World
Opposition activist Mousab al-Hamadee was among the demonstrators testing the limits of the ceasefire today in Hama, Syria. Al-Hamadee tells host Marco Werman that security forces started firing on the protesters as they converged at Hama's Assi Square. He says two demonstrators were killed and dozens were wounded. "When we found that our friends are falling on the ground in front of our eyes we withdrew to other places," al-Hamadee adds. He says the United Nations-backed ceasefire has not brought calm, but "the number of killings this Friday is less than killings in other Fridays." Al-Hamadee has no confidence in a plan to redeploy UN observers to Syria. He says Syrians have had "bad experiences" with Arab monitors who came earlier this year. "We don't want monitors to come and watch us while we are dying," he adds.