Greek news anchor is pelted with yogurt and eggs on live television (VIDEO)


A Greek journalist was pelted with yogurt and eggs on live television, the Greek Reporter reported. Protesters broke into the television studio and threw eggs and yogurt at news presenter Panagiotis Bourchas on Friday night.

The 17 activists stormed the Epiros TV1 newsroom with their faces covered by handkerchiefs. As they threw the yogurt and eggs, they also chanted "Keep neo-Nazis off your show," according to the New York Daily News

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The activists were referencing Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-Nazi group. Bourchas had recently allowed someone from the neo-Nazi group to be a guest on his show.

The Golden Dawn group is known for its open xenophobic and anti-Semitic views, B92 reported. It most recently made headlines for saying that mines should be placed along the Envros border to deter illegal immigrants.

But the neo-Nazi group has experienced a rise in popularity ever since the financial crisis, Athens News reported. And the group may even cross the three-percent threshold necessary to enter parliament in the upcoming elections, much to the distress of Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos.

"Do we want to see pictures of a parliament with deputies being sworn in with the Hitler salute?" Geroulanos said, according to B92. 

In a video of the yogurt-pelting incident, the reporter looks calm but perplexed as the activists chant and throw food at him. He remains on camera as he gets drenched in food. His guest, however, immediately gets up and leaves.

Watch below:

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