After Ouster, Occupy Oakland Protesters Return

The Takeaway
Police in New York cleared the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park in the early hour of Tuesday morning, in what could possibly a coordinated effort to break up Occupy protests in Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, and, notably, Oakland. The eviction in New York happened less than 24 hours after police in Oakland arrested 33 people while dismantling the Occupy camp in a downtown plaza. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the move was necessary because "the Occupy Wall Street movement itself is having a hard time controlling the encampments." Protesters returned to the camp Monday night. Monday's eviction in Oakland came on the same day Canadian magazine AdBusters, which is credited for inspiring the movement, released a "tactical briefing" warning protesters to "declare 'victory'" and scale back the camps before winter sets in. Ben Brock Johnson, digital editor for The Takeaway, is at Foley Square, where the Occupy Wall Street protesters have gathered to regroup. He reports on the latest Occupy news.
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