Cure for Cabin Fever

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Rather abruptly, an icy, slushy, uncommonly frigid winter has melted into blue skies and mellow sunshine. In New York, we're taking advantage of the thaw to head to the High Line.

The High Line is the city's newest park -- it opened mid-last year -- and it's an amazing feat. It was built on a dilapidated elevated rail line that served the city's old industrial West Side, and today it's a beautifully planted public space that sits 30 feet above the street. Studio 360 scouted it a few weeks ago, on a relatively mild day, with New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger. While we didn't have the patience to wait for the real weather, we've got some great photos that have us itching to head back. Check them out on the audio slideshow we put together, and listen to Paul's thoughts on the park he calls 'one of the great [planning] stories of our time, with great results.'

-Michael Guerriero

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