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Our Geo Quiz today takes us to northwestern India. We're looking for a town in the Indian state of Rajasthan. photo: Art Wolfephoto: Art Wolfe It's near the edge of the Thar Desert. And it hosts one of the world's largest and longest-running camel fairs. photo: Art Wolfephoto: Art Wolfe Photographer Art Wolfe is there to capture the scene. ?There's hundred and hundreds of camels, tents, people are milling around, actually setting up for the camp tonight, as the Thar Desert night comes on, the temperature plummets and these people will probably sleep very close to their fires, just the sound of people talking, camels calling, very, very peaceful scene.? So what's the name of this Indian town where camels and pilgrims are settling in for chilly night? We'll be back to answer the quiz in just a minute... Time now to check in on that camel fair we mentioned in our Geo Quiz. photo: Art Wolfephoto: Art Wolfe It takes place in a small town in northwestern India called Pushkar. So Pushkar is the answer to our Quiz. Photographer Art Wolfe is there -- scouting the place for an upcoming episode of his PBS series "Travels To The Edge."
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