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We go from a deep lake to a tall tale for our Geo Quiz today. photo: Jake Wargaphoto: Jake Warga Here's an audio clue to get you thinking ... it may sound like a giant tea kettle whistling or a train screeching to a halt. Actually, it's the wind whipping over the top of the world's tallest completed building. photophoto It's an impressive skyscraper located in a vibrant Asian city. It boasts the world's fastest elevator, which shoots up the structure's 101 floors. photo: Jake Wargaphoto: Jake Warga The Burj Dubai building in the United Arab Emirates already has more floors. But it's still under construction, so the official title of tallest completed building still goes to this East Asian beauty. Can you name this skyscraper and its home island? We were looking for the world's tallest completed building for our Geo Quiz. photo: Jake Wargaphoto: Jake Warga The answer is Taipei 101, in Taiwan. A taller building will soon be finished in Dubai. But for now, Taipei 101 is still the tallest. Taipei 101Taipei 101 Producer Jake Warga took a tour led by guide Michael Lu. Listen to the audio postcard: