Jake Warga

Jake Warga is an independent journalist currently based in Morocco.

I'm an award-winning Independent Journalist currently based in Ifrane, Morocco. With an M.A. in Visual Anthropology, I bring a unique sensitivity and curiosity to the many cultures I visit around the world. With a microphone in one hand and a camera in the other, I collect stories for public radio and images for various outlets.

Some of the sweeping scenes of Arabia in the 1962 movie Lawrence of Arabia were actually filmed in Morocco.

Morocco is tired of getting the Hollywood treatment


Moroccan cities and desert locales have served as stand-ins for many movies actually set in other Middle East countries. But some in Morocco would like their country to play itself more often on the big screen

Morocco's Family Code

Has Morocco’s ‘Family Code’ shown how gender equality can coexist with Islam in the courts?

Visitors to the Vatican often overlook the historical significance of the building's floors, which are frequently made from re-purposed bits of ancient history.

You’d better watch where you walk the next time you visit the Vatican


Hijab Wearing Breakdancer Turns Heads in Morocco

Lifestyle & Belief

Why Foreigners are Still Attracted to Detroit

The World

Mayan Stone Engraving and the End of the World

Arts, Culture & Media

For Friday’s Geo Quiz name the city where a stone engraving supposedly predicts the end of the world. Hint: You might find a swim-up bar nearby.

Slideshow: World Championships of Ice and Snow Sailing


Ice and snow sailing is a very creative winter sport. Athletes windsurf across a frozen surface and St. Ignace, Michigan recently held the World Championships of Ice and Snow Sailing.

Egypt’s Depressed Tourism Industry Leaves Bored Camels

Conflict & Justice

Geo Quiz: Which way does the Nile River flow? The world’s longest river starts in the highlands of Central Africa and flows down hill all the way to the Mediterranean.

The World

Bahamian Remembers Martin Luther King’s Visits

Conflict & Justice

For the Geo Quiz, we want you to name the westernmost district of the Bahamas where Martin Luther King Jr. visited in 1964 and 1968.

Haiti’s Art in Peril

What is happening to the rich art and culture of the Caribbean nation, 18 months after a devastating earthquake?