Iva Roze


Iva Roze Skoch is GlobalPost's global sex correspondent and proud winner of the site's “most enviable job title” award. She splits her time between New York, Prague and the rest of the world. In her GlobalPost column, Wanderlust: Sex Around the World, Roze has covered sexuality and gender relationship issues in dozens of countries, including Eastern Europe's booming gay porn industry and the erotic allure of the Peruvian butt pad. Roze also witnessed the first public royal kiss in Bhutan (on the lips!), learned from plastic surgeons in South America how to differentiate labia cuts of more than 100 “designer vaginas,” and made it past the “face control” bouncers of Moscow’s hottest club. Her past Wanderlust assignments have included spending an evening in an all-you-can-sex club in Berlin, hanging out with lesbian prostitutes in Prague, and trying out a collection of new Japanese sex toys. No, she is not currently looking for a research assistant.

Before Roze found her inner sexpert, she was a respectable journalist writing decidedly asexual articles for Newsweek, Slate, The Smithsonian Magazine and many others. She holds a Master’s Degree in Magazine Writing from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she also received the Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship in 2009, which helped fund the travel for a book she is writing on crashing weddings around the world. Her parents still can't believe how effectively she has been able to waste her Ivy League education.