What is the US’ role at this moment in the Middle East?

The World

What is the US’ role at this moment in the Middle East, and does the Biden administration hold sway over what comes next? We speak with Retired Admiral John Kirby, who is the spokesman for the National Security Council. Also, Ukraine’s leadership has been calling on the US and other partners to replenish its air defense and artillery stocks. Right now, Ukraine is rationing artillery on the front lines, while being outgunned by Russia at a rate of 5 to 1. And, venting when you’re angry is often said to be the best way to “get it out.” But researchers say that increasing arousal is probably not a good thing. Despite what popular wisdom may suggest, even going for a run is not an effective strategy because it increases arousal levels and ends up being counterproductive. We’ll tell what the best way really is.

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