Tom Dale

The army and the Islamists, Egypt’s historical frenemies


The history between these two traditionally rival powers is too bloody and too deep. The current showdown will likely exacerbate these historical tensions, if not lead to fresh vio

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A kidnapping scheme so big it involves Egyptian soldiers, Sudanese police, and Eritrean diplomats

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Here’s why it looks that way.

The US will send Egypt 10 Apache helicopters — because sometimes a dozen roses aren’t enough

For example, when your competition happens to be Russia.

Egypt’s Atticus Finch: He defended the unpopular. Now he’s in prison

Egypt’s mass death sentences have provoked outrage worldwide. If not for Ahmed Eid, even more people would have been condemned to die. Now he is languishing in a cell.

The 13 most absurd moments so far of the Al Jazeera journalists’ trial in Egypt

The journalists went back to court today, ironically on World Press Freedom Day.

With embarrassingly low turnout, Egypt declares third day of voting

How empty do polling stations have to be before the message gets through?