Tania Karas

Tania Karas is a former deputy editor of The World's digital team. She managed a team of editors producing content for our website along with our daily podcast, morning newsletter and social media platforms. Before that, she was a reporter for The World covering global migration and refugees. She was with the show from 2018 to 2021.Originally from Chicago, Tania spent three years in Greece, Turkey and Lebanon working as a foreign correspondent covering the Syrian refugee crisis, European politics and EU-Middle East relations.Prior to that, Tania was a staff reporter for the New York Law Journal, a daily newspaper, where she covered US immigration, legal education and access to justice in New York.She holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and a master's degree in international human rights law from the University of Oxford. Outside of work, Tania is a voracious reader and loves to travel. You can often find her starting dance parties in the newsroom. 

Voter registration

Every 30 seconds, a young Latino in the US turns 18. Their votes count more than ever.

Every 30 Seconds

The 2020 presidential election could be the first time Latinos are the largest minority group in the electorate. Young Latinos could swing the outcome — if they come out to vote.

A 9-year-old migrant girl from Guatemala sits in the back of a US Border Patrol vehicle after she was apprehended for crossing the border from Mexico in Sunland Park, New Mexico, on June 14, 2018.

10 US immigration issues to watch in 2020

A woman prays during a service

‘It doesn’t feel very real’: Liberian immigrants in US rejoice at pathway to citizenship

Ramlo Ali Noor, whose immediate family is affected by the Trump administration's cap on refugee numbers, poses at her apartment with her daughter Sumayo in Columbus, Ohio, on Sept. 27, 2019.

After Trump order, states scramble to say they will receive refugees

People hold bright yellow signs reading "Defend TPS" in front of the White House in Washington, DC.

The Trump administration extended TPS for Salvadorans. But this activist says the fight is not over.

A group of people holding signs gather in front of a courthouse building

Legal status for thousands of Liberians in US hangs on court decision


Some 4,000 Liberians will lose their legal status due to the Trump administration’s termination of a program that granted them temporary reprieves from deportation. This week, they got their day in court.

A woman and a young girl stand together on the banks of a river.

How Trump’s bilateral deals with Central America undermine the US asylum system

For the US, the deals with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to take back migrants are like a fortification, shielding the country from taking responsibility for people seeking international protection. They add yet another line of defense to other drastic measures the US has recently taken to keep them out.

Syrian refugees embrace after landing at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

US refugee agencies wither as Trump administration cuts numbers to historic lows


Resettlement agencies are being forced to close as the Trump administration cuts refugee admissions. Experts say the damage will long outlast this president.

A judge shakes hands with a man at his citizenship ceremony

What it’s like to become a US citizen after a lifetime of statelessness


After 42 years as a stateless Rohingya refugee, one Chicago man became a US citizen this summer.

A member of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) talks with Venezuelans as they queue in line to receive a vaccine after showing their passports or identity cards at the Pacaraima border control, Roraima state, Brazil, on Aug. 8, 2018.

US leads global ‘race to the bottom’ in shutting door on refugees and asylum-seekers

Between the “asylum ban” and cuts to refugee resettlement, advocates say the White House is succeeding in preventing vulnerable people from seeking refuge in the US.