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Rachel Waldholz is an independent producer based in Berlin. She previously covered energy and the environment for Alaska’s Energy Desk in Anchorage, where she was a producer for the podcast Midnight Oil. Her work has appeared on national programs including NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and Marketplace.

Young climate change activists sit with activist Greta Thunberg in a huddle at the climate talks in Madrid.

Marathon climate talks in Madrid end with disappointment

Climate Change

On Dec. 15, after two marathon overnight negotiating sessions took the COP25 climate talks nearly 48 hours past their original Friday deadline, the conference adjourned without much to show for it.

Protesters wear yellow jackets and sign that speak of climate emergency in Spanish language

Activists enraged by slow pace of climate diplomacy in Madrid

Climate Change
A woman stands and speaks at a podium

As US steps back on climate change, will EU and China take the lead?

Climate Change
A person with white face paint and red robes stands near man in black uniform

4 things to watch at the climate talks in Madrid

Climate Change
An estimated 100,000 people turned out for the climate strike in Berlin on Sept. 20, 2019.

In Germany, the politics of climate change are shifting beneath Merkel’s feet

Climate Change
A man wearing googles holds up a sign that says "stop fossil fuel! there is no border in the sky!"

The world struck a major climate deal in Poland. So, what’s in it?

Climate Change

Negotiators created rules to help the world meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. But the UN climate chief still told the delegation, “Climate change is still running faster than us.”


US a wild card as climate negotiators race to meet Friday deadline


Negotiators are far from the breakthrough agreement that most say is needed at the UN climate summit in Poland. And fingers are being pointed at the US for playing the heavy.

The tops of buildings are barely visible through a thick layer of smog.

Smothered by smog, activists are urging Poland to reconsider coal

Climate Change

Coal smog can make many poles feel like they’re living in the 19th century. Now a growing grassroots movement is pushing local and national governments to cut smog and rethink the country’s heavy reliance on coal.

A man wearing a hard hat is silhouetted against old heavy windowpanes in a factory.

Poland is a coal country. But for how long?

Climate Change

This year’s global climate conference is convening in the heart of Poland’s coal country. Poland’s leaders are vowing to continue their heavy reliance on coal, but the politics and economics of the highly-polluting fuel are starting to shift.