Megan Janetsky

Megan Janetsky is a Colombia-based reporter covering Venezuela, women's issues and human rights. Previously, she reported in Washington DC, along the US-Mexico border and in Arizona. She has reported for Foreign Policy, USA Today, VICE, BBC, The Pulitzer Center, Poynter, Teen Vogue, World Politics Review and more. 

A man wearing a face mask carries a mattress at a makeshift camp

Options dwindle for Venezuelan migrants across Latin America during the pandemic


COVID-19 has left Venezuelans across the region reeling and with dwindling options, at the same moment the World Health Organization declared Latin America the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

People bang on pots and pans in front of white truck

Kitchenware cacophony: How ‘cacerolazos’ became the symbol of Colombia’s anti-government protests

A man with no legs sits in a wheelchair in his living room

A heavy-duty wheelchair expands mobility in post-war Colombia

Science & Technology
Aurora Morena Sierra

They were raped during Colombia’s civil war. Now they want justice for their children.

Sexual violence
women in a waiting room in a hospital

Hospitals are turning into ‘cemeteries for migrants’ on Colombia-Venezuela border

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