Meaghan Beatley

Meaghan Beatley is a journalist based in Barcelona. 

Santiago Abascal

Andalusia’s far-right Vox party espouses an ‘anti-radical-feminist’ platform

Chief among Vox’s anti-feminist measures is the repeal of a 2004 Gender Violence Law. The party also calls for the dissolution of federally funded feminist organizations; the creation of a Family Ministry in lieu of the current Gender Ministry; and removing sex change and abortion procedures from public health services.

A street is shown filled with many women with arms raised rallying against prostitution.

Prostitution takes center stage as Spanish feminists rally to eliminate violence against women


Grammy nominee Rosalía’s flamenco fame is questioned by Spain’s Roma community

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running of the bulls

How #MeToo changed this year’s Running of the Bulls


Overfished: In Senegal, empty nets lead to hunger and violence


‘Wolf Pack’ gang-rape verdict spurs thousands to protest in Spain

Conflict & Justice

Following a protracted trial many believe put the plaintiff under more scrutiny than the defendants, the men were condemned to nine years of prison each for the less severe crime of sexual abuse, instead of the 22 years and 10 months demanded by the prosecution.

Yoff beach

Senegalese women turn to exporting fish in spite of local shortages


In Senegal, an estimated 40,000 women work as fish processors. But a trifecta of problems — overfishing by foreign fleets, illegal fishing and climate change — is making fish scarce in the region and hitting processors the hardest. In an attempt to make ends meet, fishermen are selling what they are able to catch to fresh fish traders and export factories, who’ll pay more for a batch than the processors, leaving the women high and dry.


Spain gang-rape case focuses on young woman’s social media behavior days after alleged attack

The young woman from Madrid, known only as la victima, “the victim,” in local media, was 18 when she claims she was raped by five men in the early morning hours of July 7, 2016.

French classroom

France has plunged into a struggle over gender-neutral language


A new grammar manual released this past September by the Hatier publishing house has plunged France into a heated debate over gender-inclusive writing.


Why some Catalans say independence is a ‘feminist struggle’


Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont declared independence from Spain. The news, though hardly perceptible in the streets, was shouted loud and clear across social media channels with tweets reading, “Welcome to the Catalan Republic” and “Good morning Republic,” seemingly blind to the fact that hours after the proclamation, Spain revoked the region’s autonomy and imposed direct rule via a never-before-used constitutional provision known as Article 155.