Linette Lopez, Business Insider

Goldman Sachs resignation: Intern reveals what it was like working under Greg Smith

Former Goldman intern says he holds Greg Smith in “high regard.”

John Paulson mocks financial regulations and SEC forms


Why Argentina refuses to pay hedge funds


New York Stock Exchange goes for $8.2 billion

Downsizing gathers speed on Wall Street, Morgan Stanley announces layoffs

Elizabeth Warren grills Bernanke on bank subsidies


Senator Warren grilled Bernanke on “too big to fail” and the subsidy economists have calculated big banks get from the American taxpayers through preferential borrowing costs.

Forbes publishes huge takedown of Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed


A lower ranking from the Forbes list enraged one of the Middle East’s most successful investors, prompting a stern reply from the publication.

How people close to Russian oligarch Berezovsky have wound up dead

The British government asked him to stop meddling in Russian affairs in 2006, around the time that people with connections to Berezovsky started winding up dead.

Super rich moving money out of Switzerland


Singapore provides more convenient banking for established rich and newly wealthy alike.

Russian gambling ring allegedly used MMA fighters to collect debts

International gambling ring leaders arraigned in New York.