Katherine Speller

Katherine Speller is a freelancer writer and staff researcher at Lady Parts Justice.

I'm a simple woman: I like pretty brown-haired dogs and breakfast food.I've written about politics, reproductive health, LGBT issues, sex and dating and more for places like The Daily Dot, Women’s Health, MTV News, Bustle, Thought Catalog, Medium and more.In addition to moonlighting as a freelance reporter, writer and editor, I'm currently the staff researcher/junior writer at Lady Parts Justice — a rapid-response reproductive rights messaging hub combining the work of comedians, writers, activists to protect abortion rights. I also serve as the one-woman-news-desk and significantly less-funny commentator for "ReproMadness," the only podcast that deals exclusively with reproductive justice issues.

Panelists at The UnConvention: Political Correctness, From Left to Right in NYC

Could Trump’s attack on ‘political correctness’ help the US discuss race?

Election 2016

To some, political correctness provides the safe space needed for people with little power in society to speak about their experiences. To others, like supporters of Donald Trump, it is a weapon that keeps them from expressing their true feelings.

Actor Aasif Mandvi and others speak about divesristy at UnConvention panel in NYC

How fear of diversity has led to the ‘civil war’ of this election

Election 2016