Judy Silber

Judy Silber is a radio producer for KALW, based in the San Francisco area.

Judy Silber is the lead producer for KALW's reporting project, The Spiritual Edge. After graduating from the science journalism program at Boston University, Silber worked as a community reporter at the Orange County bureau of the Los Angeles Times. From Los Angeles, she migrated north to the Bay Area to cover biotechnology and the business of health care for the Contra Costa Times. At KALW, she comes to The Spiritual Edge with a strong curiosity about religion and spirituality, and how they are influencing the Bay Area's culture at large.

Vietnamese immigrants pray to a small shrine erected five years ago. The area was once littered, covered in graffiti, and a frequent stop for the city's public works department. But after one neighborhood resident placed the statue on the corner, local Vi

Can you name the West Coast city where a Buddhist shrine turned a neighborhood around?

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In the American city we want you to name, a Buddha statue purchased at a hardware store managed to turn an eyesore of a street corner into a shrine and gathering place.


How a Buddhist shrine transformed a neighborhood in Oakland