Jessica Golloher

Buranovo Grannies to Represent Russia in Eurovision 2012

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A group of singing grandmas from a remote village are to represent Russia in the Eurovision contest. Jessica Golloher brings us the music of the Buranovo Grannies.

Russians Protest Jailing of Activist

Conflict & Justice

American Dancers at the Bolshoi Theatre

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The World

Hollywood Stars Appearing in Russian Advertisements

Russian Billionaire Politician Says He Was Ousted

Global Politics

How Russian Schools Deal With Terrorism

Arts, Culture & Media

Russia is no stranger to terrorism, yet there’s little if any critical thinking in the country’s schools about why the violence might be happening.

Video: Russian Company Plans to Thrill With Space Hotel

A Russian company says it will create an orbital hotel within five years and send space tourists to Mars by 2030.

A New Angle On The Roswell Incident And Why Russians Like Conspiracy Theories

Arts, Culture & Media

Could the Roswell UFO really have been a Soviet spy plane?

The World

High Heels for Wendy Look-Alikes in Russia

While the menu is mostly the same, the new Wendy’s in Russia is a little different.

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Why Russians Fear August

Arts, Culture & Media

Numerous crises and catastrophic events have happened in Russia during the month of August.