Helen Palmer

schoolchildren stand near a well at their high school in Kerala, India

Saving Kerala’s Fresh Water


Droughts have made Kerala, India

Sujitha (right) and her husband Manu (left) stand in the center of the frame in a portrait photograph.

In Kerala, a push for organic food turns professionals into gardeners

Most Kerala residents buy produce at large, open-air markets, where vegetables are typically grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Kerala’s making an ambitious pledge to go organic

Rev. Hammond climate march

People are still marching to save the climate, but with less hope

Trump signng

The ‘single biggest assault’ against environmental policies?

A 3-D print of hemagluttinin

Cracking the code of influenza


What do all those Hs and Ns in the names of flu strains even mean?


Some advice for starting your own backyard ‘carbon farm’


A “carbon farming” expert explains how smart perennial planting can help your garden sequester more carbon, and produce more food.

Eric Toensmeier's backyard farm

This farmer’s answer to climate change? Plant crops that trap carbon.


Eric Toensmeier is helping farmers and gardeners plant crops that sequester more CO2.


A new book explores the hidden value of urban weeds


You may call them weeds, but a new book suggests thinking of them as spontaneous urban plants — an overlooked urban ecology that may provide more benefits than we think.

The Sahel

Africa’s Great Green Wall is making progress on two fronts


Africa’s ambitious Great Green Wall project is getting global support for its twin goals of slowing desertification and helping to provide employment to keep young people on the land.