Erin Conway-Smith



Mandela health scare sparked by mistaken tweet


Man watching 2011 “year in review” TV show mistakes old footage of Nelson Mandela for breaking news, and tweets that the former South African president has been hospitalized.

Johannesburg police on guard for New Year’s Eve appliance-tossing tradition


North Korea calls for “human shields” to defend Kim Jong Un

South Africa: Anger over official rhino hunting auction

Zimbabwe’s “female rapists,” accused of semen harvesting, strike again


Somalia: Fist fights in parliament over new speaker


Wild fist fights erupted in Somalia’s parliament over the election of a new speaker, with several MPs taken to the hospital in the most recent of several brawls over the issue.

South Africa: Driver pulls over to watch ducks, causes multi-car pileup


A driver who pulled over to watch the ducks along a highway outside Johannesburg caused a nine-car pileup that injured 17 people.

South Africa: ANC celebrates 100th birthday

Lavish parties criticized. Some say ANC’s record is mixed since coming to power.

Nelson Mandela TV miniseries, “Madiba,” in the works


A six-part TV series based on Nelson Mandela’s life is being planned, with the working title “Madiba,” the former South African president’s Xhosa clan name.

Swaziland: King Mswati challenged by economic crisis


Africa’s last absolute monarch confronted by economic downturn, growing dissent.