Eliza Mackintosh

France vs. Amazon

In the land of the small shopkeeper, the government is taking action to save independent bookstores.

British atheists celebrate Christmas (VIDEO)


Sochi’s mayor says there are no gay people in his town. Yet a gay club there boasts 400 guests a night

360-degree panoramics of North Korea offer an unusual peek

Tunisia’s latest dance craze will make you ‘Happy’ (VIDEO)

What if this was a woman’s world and men were just living in it?

A short film about a world in which women have all the power went relatively unnoticed until recently. When it was re-posted with English subtitles, the film went viral.

No plans for this Valentine’s Day? How about a mass wedding?


Collective weddings seem to be all the rage.

Paris ‘ghost’ stations: Swimming pools and nightclubs could soon be found underground


Paris mayoral candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet has dreamed up a striking new plan to convert shuttered metro stations into fun public spaces.

From Syria with love (VIDEO)

Syrian activists released a video as a small reminder of a populace trying to hold on to hope amid reports of massacres, starvation, bombardment, and displacement.

Russia bans same-sex couples and singles from gay friendly nations from adopting its children

So, how many countries will the ban affect?