Dan Carino

Dan Carino is a graphic journalist and founder of Co-Jo.US, a new media agency that produces immersive and interactive stories anchored by graphic journalism. He is also a freelance political cartoonist based in Los Angeles, California.

Someone waves goodbye to a bus and a speech bubble says "Bye! Have fun with grandma!" in this cartoon.

A family tries to immigrate to the US, but first, they must live separate lives


A family from the Philippines tried to be together in the US. But for nearly 10 years, they were separated by 7,300 miles and the immigration backlog.

In this cartoon, a young boy is swinging from monkey bars and a piece of paperwork from Immigration is at his right

As US ends immigration programs, a mother and son wonder if they’ll ever be together again

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A woman holding a baby waits in line, above an open helping hand is extended.

Make your way through the maze of seeking asylum in the US

A woman is leaning on a fence, gazing over the water toward the Statue of Liberty

Follow along: Forms, fees and an interview for a US Diversity Lottery Program ‘winner’

In this cartoon, a frowning boy in a pointed birthday hat sits in front of a cake with '21' written on it.

You’re a young student and your visa is tied to your parents. You’re about to age out. What do you do next?

An illustration of two children with there mother, hand pointing

These asylum-seekers are being forced to raise their kids in immigration ‘jails’


Even short-term stays in immigration detention can be harmful to children, say mental health experts. So why does the US government still hold young asylum-seekers?