Beenish Ahmed

Studio photograph of Sylvia Plath (with brown hair) by Warren Kay Vantine, 1954 and the first printing of "The Bell Jar," 1966.

New York Icons: ‘The Bell Jar’

New York Icons

The making of “The Bell Jar,” and the unmaking of its author.

The very high price of pandas (photos)

Pakistan also has a rape problem


Tahirul Qadri: The man who almost brought Tahrir Square to Pakistan

Uzma Ahmed Ali stands in the courtyard of the former girls' school, which shut down several years ago. She now travels an hour to study – something few girls in her village are able to do.

There isn’t really any mystery to why one Pakistani village lost its girls school. It’s about money

Pakistani Student Creates a Shantytown School to Change Society

A young privileged man from Islamabad has decided to start a school for the children of the less-economically well-off families as a way to break down the economic divide in the country.

students praying at madrassa

The Madrassa Myth: in Pakistan, Public Schools may be the Problem

Development & Education

Recent reports have accused Pakistan’s Islamic, religious schools as being training grounds for terrorists. But most students attend the schools, called madrassas, for a purely spiritual purpose.

Prospective Pakistan Prime Minister Gives Conflicting Views on War on Terror

Global Politics

Nawaz Sharif, the man most likely to become Pakistan’s next prime minister has set two priorities: Boosting his country’s economy, and peace for Pakistan. Journalist Beenish Ahmed tells host Marco Werman that Sharif has some worrisome comments for the US.

In Pakistan, Women are the Target of Disfiguring Acid Attacks

Conflict & Justice

Last year, in Pakistan, at least 150 acid attacks were reported. Many more are not reported, because victims are pressured by their community to keep quiet. Now, a new law gives acid burn survivors some legal recourse.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital: Vets Catering to a Very Particular Crowd

Health & Medicine

Hunting with falcons is a passion for many in the United Arab Emirates. Falcons are prized animals there, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars — which is why there’s a state-of-the-art facility to help care for them.