Amanda Kersey

Alexey Aizenman, Moscow Landscape, Oil on Canvas.

How the Russian Revolution changed the lives of Jewish artists


Designing propaganda porcelain was a way for artists to make a living after years of struggling to survive and express themselves as Jewish artists in the Russian Empire.

A woman talks on her cellphone on a bus in Madrid.

Spain tries to speed up — by putting siestas to bed

Ukrainian musician Zhenya Topov

In a Berlin handpan class, a close encounter of the musical kind

Souvenirs and wax figurines for sale in Fatima, Portugal

Vendors do a brisk trade in beeswax body parts at Portugal’s Shrine of Fatima

Tattooed human skin forms part of an exhibit in Portugal.

Portugal is exhibiting human skin with smutty old tattoos


Lisbon’s serious fado fans go underground


They want to get away from the tourists and their iPhone cameras.

The Krump family

This Arizona family is moving to Nicaragua to get away from Trump’s America

Global Politics

Kristina Krump and her husband don’t want to raise teenage boys in this country, in the current political climate, so they’re starting a new life south of the border.

Barcelona immigrant vendors _01

In battle for Barcelona’s sidewalks, immigrant vendors want a way out


Surviving is not a crime. That’s the slogan used by hundreds of undocumented migrants who eke out a living selling trinkets and handbags to tourists on the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Amanda Kersey reports on their burgeoning movement to organize for more rights.

Jessica Nabongo

What happened to everyone who was going to leave the US if Trump won?

Global Politics

Travel writer Jessica Nabongo, whose blog post “Countries To Move To If Trump Becomes President” became a hit, is keeping her options open.

La Mussara

A trip to Spain’s ghost town: La Mussara


Try spending Halloween amid the spooky ruins of this abandoned settlement in the mountains of Spain.