Adam Taylor, Business Insider

Iceland is thinking of adopting the Canadian dollar

And Canada might let them.

Greeks riot like crazy following yesterday’s tragic suicide

Business Insider: China v. Norway, what’s the spat about?

Study reveals why some Muslim countries hate America

North Korea will “mass produce” nuclear weapons

Menshn ‘Twitter-killer’ launches in the US

British Member of Parliament Louise Mensch has been highly criticized for her new social networking site that launched in the US on June 20. It is called the ‘Twitter-killer’ by some, due to its 180 character limit.

North Korea has a YouTube channel?

North Korea uploads videos to YouTube to give the rest of the world a sense of what goes on inside.

China: where stopping hijackers gets you paid

What type of reward would you expect if you took down criminals on a plane?

North Korea gets trendy


Short skirts and gelled hair have some people thinking North Korea’s new leader is softening.

Dirt road to mega-highway: China invests in Pakistan

China newest foreign investment is a mega-highway in Pakistan that will cross one of the highest mountain ranges in the world.