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Is it time for Senegal to end its romance with the French baguette?


The war in Ukraine has interrupted the delivery of wheat to Senegal, and that’s shaking up a big part of that country’s culture.

At the La Perseverancia market in Bogotá, Colombia customers have noticed that prices for many foods are increasing. With the war in Ukraine, inflation could get worse.

For developing countries, the war in Ukraine means even higher food prices

The book cover for "Eating to Extinction," by Dan Saladino.

‘Eating to Extinction’ author rallies for a more diverse global food system

Close up of a grain.

Maine is scaling up its local grain economy

Carmen Lamacchia handles modified, gluten-friendly wheat in her laboratory in Southern Italy.

‘Gluten-friendly’ wheat could let celiac sufferers enjoy pasta — and become a big-money innovation


How to find whole grains

Health & Medicine

Whole grains can reduce the risk of diseases, but separating real from fake can be confusing.

Worries for Argentine soy farmers

Soy farmers in Argentina have been watching the weather. It’s been a dry summer and soy crops are important to Argentina’s economy. Farmers have to worry about Wall Street speculation also. Julia Kumari Drapkin reports.

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Perennial Wheat

Since the dawn of agriculture, some ten thousand years ago, human beings have relied on domesticated annual plants for food crops. Annuals like corn, soybeans and wheat tend to produce lots of seeds, the grains the we eat. But, a farmer has to plant an annual every year. That can be costly in terms of […]

The World

A Victory Against a Major Wheat Blight

Laura Knoy reports from Washington on what researchers say is the defeat of wheat rust, a fungus which has been one of the biggest killers of wheat crops throughout history. Rust claims up to 10 million tons of wheat a year around the world.

Seeds of Resistance

Author Susan Dworkin talks about her book, “The Viking in the Wheat Field: A Scientist’s Struggle to Preserve the World’s Harvest,” and how scientists are working to collect seeds and find strains of wheat resistant to the powerful wheat disease called Ug