Water crisis

Bolivia’s dried-out Ajuan Khota dam, a reservoir affected by drought near La Paz, photographed on Nov. 17.

With melting glaciers and mining, Bolivia’s water is running dangerously low


Bolivia is suffering its worst drought in 25 years. La Paz residents have been protesting over months-long water shortages which they say should have been avoided.

A visitor walks near the receding waters at California's Folsom Lake, which is at 17 percent of its capacity, On April 1, California Governor Jerry Brown announced unprecedented mandatory water restrictions and ordered the State Water Resources Board to r

California faces the worst water emergency since the Dust Bowl, and it needs solutions fast

Protesters march through São Paulo recently demanding equitable distribution of water throughout São Paulo state. Unofficial rationing has brought frequent water outages to neighborhoods throughout the Brazilian megalopolis of 20 million people.

São Paulo residents demand their city take a new attitude about water

Oregon dry lakebedEmigrant Lake near Ashland, Oregon in October 2014. Current drought conditions have caused the lake to fall to less than 10 percent of its capacity.

The worst droughts in 1,000 years may be on the horizon for the American West


Kenyans Drink a Little Easier With Discovery of 50 Billion Gallon Aquifer

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Southern States Water Crisis

As the sprawling capital Atlanta gobbles up green space, it’s also siphoning off a critical portion of the region’s water supply. As David Pollock reports, officials in Alabama and Florida are duking it out with Georgia in a conflict that pits the interests of area farmers against local fisher folk.