Urban sprawl

Iowa farmland loss to development

US lost 11 million acres of farmland to development in past 2 decades

In the last 20 years, more than 11 million acres of US farmland have been converted, fragmented or paved over by development projects, according to a new report by the American Farmland Trust.

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The Little Church that Could

On Good Land: How One Small Farmer Survived the Onslaught of California Sprawl

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Salmon Lose to Sprawl

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Suburban Sprawl Prevention Tax-A

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Sprawl Commentary

Environmentalists are using people’s anger over suburban sprawl to re-energize and transform the environmental movement. Keith Schneider tells us how.

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Suburban Sprawl Solutions

Outside of Chicago, a new development called Prairie Crossing combines new housing and preserved farmland. It is a compromise aimed at saving as much cropland as possible in an area under intense population pressure. Robin Finesmith of Living on Earth’s Midwest bureau reports.

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Virginians Versus Disney

Thomas Lalley reports from the rolling hills of Piedmont, Virginia on a planned project by the Magic Kingdom people that some residents find less than magical. Disney Corporation’s proposed historical theme park will bring jobs and 200 million dollars in infrastructure improvement to the area. But some local environmentalists think the project will cause suburban […]

DC Sprawl

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Location Efficent Mortgage

There’s a new home mortgage program that may help curb suburban sprawl. Gary Johnson of Chicago reports on the Location Efficient Mortgage, which offers homebuyers financial incentives to live in the city and use public transportation.