United States debt-ceiling crisis

A road leads to the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Asia may be the winner as Europe and America kick the debt crisis can down the road, again

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Congress has narrowly avoided a global financial crisis by taking a cue from Europe. Both regions are kicking the can down the road, rather than finding lasting solutions. Short-term fixes, though, may lead to long-term decline for the West.

The sun sets behind the U.S. Capitol in Washington October 6, 2013.

Quick, can you name another country with a debt ceiling? It’s hard

Why is the world facing a possible US default with a yawn?

Deal near, but work remains, to avert fiscal cliff crisis

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Politicians deadlock on agreement to avert fiscal cliff cuts, hikes

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Politicians surprise, reach bipartisan agreement on six-month budget extension

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With an election just a few months away, U.S. elected officials reached an agreement on how to fund government operations through the end of March. The bipartisan agreement surprised many, as budget decisions in recent years have led to protracted negotiations.

Tea Party’s take on trimming the defense budget

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The defense budget has become ‘bloated’ and shouldn’t be ‘off limits’ to cuts say some Tea Party members.

How debt deal impacts U.S. economic recovery

The current bipartisan plan to raise the debt ceiling would cut at least $2.4 trillion dollars in government spending.

U.S. credit rating downgrade ‘inevitable’

A bill to raise the federal debt ceiling goes to the Senate today, but analysts say the U.S. will still see a downgrade in its credit rating.

The consequences if debt ceiling deal can’t be reached

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The deadline is looming as is the possibility the country will have to default on its $14.3 trillion of debt.