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What designing lingerie and writing stand-up have in common


Courtney Maginnis, who’s perfecting her work at both. “As you go through the season designing something, it evolves and changes the same way when you start telling a joke,” she says.

Communist flags are reflected in a lingerie shop window during a traditional Labor Day march in St. Petersburg in 2013.

The Russian government has banned lingerie — for your health

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Britain says no to the Speedo

Energy myths exposed


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Russian Soldiers Ordered to Use Socks

Arts, Culture & Media

Russia’s defense minister called Monday for Russian soldiers to use socks. Yes, socks. Until now, Russian military tradition has been to use cloths carefully rapped around the foot.

Consumer Choices

Many of us worry about whether we should be using paper or plastic bags, cloth or disposable diapers. But a recent book by the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that these sorts of consumer decisions are relatively insignificant, compared to other choices we make. Host Steve Curwood talk with Warren Leon, Deputy Director of Programs […]

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Energy myths exposed!


Today we’re digging down into some of the water-cooler wisdom surrounding energy use. We’re here to debunk myths?or maybe to confirm them. To help us do that is Matt McDermott, an alternative energy writer for TreeHugger.com and Planet Green.com.

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Going plastic-free


Marco Werman speaks with the BBC’s Christine Jeavans who is going plastic-free for the month of August, and that means she’s avoiding any product that is made with or packaged in plastic.