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Dawn lights the sky behind nightclub Crack Bellmer in the RAW area of Berlin, Germany, on Sept. 6, 2016.

Berlin night clubs might get same zoning designation as opera houses

A new law would give night clubs the same status as opera houses. The measure would make it easier for new clubs to get zoning licenses and reduce restrictions on where clubs can operate. 

A woman holds open a magazine with an illustration of an astronaut and cat on the cover. The woman's eyes are visible above the pages.

No ordinary saint, St. Sucia is a rebel zine for Latinx feminists

What does Russian punk band Pussy Riot owe to Yanka Dyagileva?

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High School Bands: ’70s Girl Punk Edition

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Punk Fashion: From the Streets to the Met

Summer In The Global Village: Afro-Punk Fest — Part One

Global Hit

The Afro-Punk Festival recently returned to Brooklyn, after being washed out by Hurricane Irene last year […]

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North Korea’s ‘Legendary’ and Ficitional Punk Rock Band

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What would punk rock in North Korea sound like? One way to find out is listening to Ri Seong-woong, North Korea’s most famous punk rock star. Or is he? We find out from reporter Jason Strother.

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Side Effect: Burmese Punk

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This weekend the country formerly known as Burma is holding democratic elections. Everyone there has something at stake – including a trio of punk rockers who call themselves Side Effect.

East German Punk

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The Geo Quiz is looking for a district in Berlin with a new punk rock archive.


A new book helps explore the relationship between the mind and the places your feet travel.