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Brazil struggles with new COVID-19 strain; Entire Dutch government resigns over child welfare scandal; Deadly earthquake hits Indonesia

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Brazil is the latest country to identify a new coronavirus variant. The UK has banned all travel from South America, amid fears of importing new infections. In Manau, Brazil’s largest Amazonian city, a critical oxygen shortage has left health officials asking for help.

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Math at midnight: Students stuck in US struggle with remote learning at Chinese schools

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Nigerian couple ‘heartbroken’ as families face indefinite visa ban

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Campus housing takes on new meaning as US considers more caps on refugee resettlement

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For some Iranian families separated by the travel ban, this border library offers brief moments of reunion

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‘I lost trust in the system,’ says US citizen now unable to reunite with his Yemeni family


Abdo Elfgeeh held on to hope that they would reunite though war split them apart. The Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday changed his mind.

Protesters gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC, U.S., April 25, 2018, while the court justices consider case regarding presidential powers as it weighs the legality of President Donald Trump's latest travel ban.

Five takeaways from the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on Trump’s travel ban

Justices on Wednesday raised a series of questions that led many to suggest they did not see a coalition of enough judges to overturn President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

International travelers (reflected in a closed door) arrive on the day that US President Donald Trump's limited travel ban, approved by the US Supreme Court, goes into effect, at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, June 29, 2017

Supreme Court lets Trump’s latest travel ban go into full effect


The US Supreme Court granted the Trump administration’s request to lift two injunctions imposed by lower courts that had partially blocked the ban.

Zarfishan Zahid (L) smiles as Sana Tahir (R) holds Malaika Noman, 3, as the child arrives in the United States after a federal judge ruled in July that President Trump's temporary ban on travelers from six Muslim-majority countries cannot stop grandparent

Two US judges order a freeze on Trump’s third travel ban

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The latest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban was set to take effect Wednesday. But it was stopped. Again.

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Another time in history that the US created travel bans — against Italians

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In the 1920s, the US demanded that Italy help them vet immigrants. They created barriers for immigrants considered to be a threat — physically, culturally or politically.