A woman wearing a white shirt signs a black silhouette during a demonstration for mothers of enforced disappearances

In Mexico, the unending drug war takes its toll with thousands of disappearances 

Conflict & Justice

A report issued on July 14 by Mexico’s National Search Commission said 73,218 people have been confirmed missing since 1964, and almost all of them — 71,678 — since 2006 when organized crime and drug-trafficking violence in the country began to increase.

Nuria at My Red Light, a social project in the form of a brothel in Amsterdam. Nuria plans to retire from sex work later this year and work full-time in an administrative role at My Red Light.

A Dutch brothel where women work for themselves

Women & Gender
A portrait of inmate Carmela Rodriguez Reyes in Mexico.

Women filling Mexico’s prisons are the ‘lowest rungs of the drug trade’

Flooded Houston

Human trafficking is a hidden aftermath of natural disasters

Fainess Lipenga was trafficked by her boss, a former diplomat in the US from Malawi. Now, Lipenga is an advocate for victims of human trafficking.

This woman says she was trafficked by a diplomat. And it happens all the time.

Nigerian women on a dinghy approaching Sicily

Witchcraft can be the toughest chain to break for Nigerian women looking to escape slavery


Despite hundreds of millions spent combatting sex trafficking, many Nigerian women say it is fear of a demonic spell that keeps them enslaved.

The World

AWL examines the road out of sex trafficking, from Uganda, India, Brazil and beyond


Trafficking is now the third-largest international criminal activity, with $32 billion annually in profit, and millions of people affected. And it’s growing. Across Women’s Lives tells this story by giving voice to the women themselves in a 12-part, global multimedia series that starts May 18.

Nancy Bailey with some of the Guatemalan kids she helped.

The Californian woman accused of trafficking babies in Guatemala will soon learn her fate


For 20 years, Californian Nancy Bailey ran an adoption home for needy kids. But the government says she was trafficking them. This week, she may go to prison for life

Photo of Nancy Bailey with children from her school

Fairy godmother or child trafficker? An American woman stands trial in Guatemala.


In Guatemala, a controversial child trafficking trial starts for Nancy Bailey.

Paid For:  My Journey Through Prostitution is Rachel Moran's new memoir.

After seven years in the Dublin sex trade, Rachel Moran says prostitution is always abuse


Rachel Moran was 14 years old when she began working as a prostitute on Dublin’s streets. She says countries around the world should criminalize buyers of sex, but treat sellers as exploited victims.