A woman is shown walking down a cement staircase in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

A family split between the US and Haiti dreads looming loss of legal status


The loss of Temporary Protected Status could be devastating for Haitians in the US and their loved ones back home, who are still struggling to recover almost 10 years after a massive earthquake.

Man playing guitar in front of projected images laughing, with woman next to him, arm around his shoulder. Laptop on chair in background.

Haiti has a burgeoning entrepreneur scene, but can it make room for Haitians forced to return from the US?

Man stands on pile of rubble

Homeland Security decides not to deport 1,250 Yemenis to a war zone

Woman standing in front of poster

Want to see where immigration policy changes put workers at risk? Go to Harvard.

School project of child's hand prints with poem, "When I'm grown and far away, these little hands with you will stay"

As Trump ends Obama-era protections for Salvadorans, a family in Minnesota has few good options to stay together

In this cartoon, a young boy is swinging from monkey bars and a piece of paperwork from Immigration is at his right

As US ends immigration programs, a mother and son wonder if they’ll ever be together again

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Follow the path of Manuel as he tries to join his mother in Texas. And then learn about the real people behind these stories.

a man standing before a ravine and waterfall in Yellowstone National Park.

A Syrian with Temporary Protected Status says it’s a matter of life or death


The Trump Administration announced Wednesday that Temporary Protected Status for Syrians will be extended for 18 months beyond its expiration date in March. TPS has enabled a young Syrian man named Amr Sinna to live, work, study and buy property in the US. He’s been anxiously awaiting yesterday’s announcement, along with almost 7,000 other Syrians living in the US with TPS.

Representative Mike Coffman at a recent Cinco de Mayo celebration in Colorado's Sixth District. Coffman has been both praised for reaching out to his immigrant constituents and attacked for not doing enough to represent them in Congress.

A Republican congressman walks the tricky middle ground on immigration reform

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Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman represents one of the most diverse districts in the US. He’s become a leading moderate voice on immigration. But is he doing enough for his constituents?

Two woman stand in kitchen, one older and one younger looking at her phone

After 17 years of ‘legal life’ in the US, a family considers its next move

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The Trump administration is removing temporary protected status for El Salvador, a program that has permitted the Velasco family to live and work in the US since 2001. That puts them — and 200,000 other like them — at a tough crossroads.

A Salvadoran man holds his nation's flag and a sign during a protest rally for immigrants rights on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Oct. 8, 2013.

Trump administration decision could force 200,000 Salvadorans out of the US


An estimated 200,000 Salvadorans who are currently covered by TPS could be forced to return to El Salvador.