Professor Juan Madrid with his students from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley at a radio telescope in Fort Davis in West Texas.

‘Embrace the culture, embrace the language’: Offering bilingual courses benefits students beyond the classroom, Texan professor says

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is classified as a Hispanic-serving institution where some bilingual courses are offered. The World’s host Marco Werman speaks with astronomy professor Juan Madrid about teaching his classes in both Spanish and English and what it means for the students.

Shown in the Spanish language are "He Votado Hoy" stickers or "I voted today" at a polling place in Philadelphia.

Texas candidates battle for Hispanic vote in US midterm elections

Rihab Massif teaches at a preschool in Austin, Texas. Her mother tongue is Arabic.

You may not know it — but if you speak Spanish, you speak some Arabic too

A group of carolers holding candles

This Christmas celebration involves music, tamales and piñatas

Lifestyle & Belief
Marco Antonio Tabin Garcia, in Antigua, Guatemala, Skypes with a student in Chicago.

This Spanish teacher in Guatemala doesn’t need to move to the US for a better job, he’s got Skype

A tilde added to the sign for the N subway line in Sunset Park, a heavily Hispanic neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Ride New York City’s N train, with a Spanish twist

Arts, Culture & Media

Anonymous street artists are putting accent marks on a New York City subway line to draw attention to the growing number of Spanish speakers in the city.