Rosalia performs "Es Por Ti" at the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year gala honoring Juanes in Las Vegas

Singer Rosalía’s new song ‘Despechá’ was a viral hit even before its official release


Rosalía, who hails from a sleepy town near Barcelona, Spain, is often confused for a Latina artist. But her music does adopt some styles from Latin America. Before her latest song, “Despechá” had been officially released, a clip from it had already been viewed millions of times.

A screenshoot of a YouTube video announcing Elvis Costello's new album "Spanish Model."

Elvis Costello’s ‘Spanish Model’ brings back rock-and-roll classics to a Spanish-speaking audience

A white man in a hat laughs into a radio mic

A ‘Pang!’ of emotion, Gruff Rhys drops new album

Woman in a red dress laughs and claps her hands in front of a computer screen

This American singer teaches Italian kids to sing like Beyoncé

Santiago Ramírez at the Real Sound Studio in Bogota, where they compose jingles for political candidates. He says they once had a conservative client, a Colombian Mitt Romney-type, who asked for a raunchy reggaeton tune so he could connect with young vote

In Colombia, if you want to stand out in a political race, you have to hire a jingle writer

Global Politics
Two seniors at COSAT

School Year Blog: For low-income students, life after high school can be daunting

Development & Education

The end of the school year is always an emotional time for seniors. For poor students, fear and anxiety can be the dominant emotions.

Regina Spektor’s new album has old roots

Arts, Culture & Media

Regina Spektor’s anticipated new album, “What We Saw From the Cheap Seats” was released Tuesday. Spektor was born in Moscow and emigrated with her family to the Bronx when she was nine. She said her newest album carries old Russian influences.

Regina Spektor: Her Russian Roots and New Music

Arts, Culture & Media

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor’s latest album, “What We Saw from the Cheap Seats” includes songs from her Russian roots.