Scientists in the Arctic.

What does a scientist look like? The ‘Skype a Scientist’ program helps schoolkids find out.


The project shakes up stereotypes by connecting classrooms to real, working scientists.

A Libyan student stands with newly received textbooks in Benghazi on January 18, 2012.

Kids in Libya have been out of school for months, so this woman is bringing the classroom to them

Sean Scantlebury and Aadel Qies practicing

Dance lessons over Skype connect Baghdad and New York City

Marco Antonio Tabin Garcia, in Antigua, Guatemala, Skypes with a student in Chicago.

This Spanish teacher in Guatemala doesn’t need to move to the US for a better job, he’s got Skype

Government steps up cyber spying efforts


Internet-based telephony


Once upon a time, internet-based phone service was “the future”; now tech watchers are wondering about its survival.

NSA Revelations Present Business, Ethical Challenges in Silicon Valley

A little more than a month ago, The Guardian revealed the NSA was collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon Wireless customers. Since then, it has been revealed that Silicon Valley companies like Microsoft made data accessible to the security agency too. Yesterday, The Guardian released a follow up showing the extent to which […]

When We Wrote Letters

Seems there was a time, not that long ago, when everyone ran to the mailbox, knowing there might be something special waiting for them inside. That time, however, has gradually been coming to an end, as more of us rely on email, texting, and Skype to communicate. It’s a reality that even the U.S. Postal […]

The World

Hackers Set Sights on Skype

Conflict & Justice

Skype is an encrypted service, which means it should be safe from eavesdropping. But it turns out it is not immune to hacking. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Steve Stecklow, an investigative reporter with the Wall Street Journal about hacking Skype.

Andrew Ross Sorkin on Microsoft-Skype Deal

Microsoft will purchase Skype for 8.5 billion, making it the largest deal in Microsoft’s 36-year history. Skype’s popularity is due in part to it’s functionality across operating systems and it’s free calling services. If executed properly, this can greatly improve Microsoft’s hold on internet properties as well as the gaming industry. For more on Microsoft’s […]