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The Interior Department, responsible for the 59 national parks, has an extremely popular Instagram feed to share the beauty that the parks hold. And it’s a good thing, a lot of us don’t ever get to see the parks. One thing is certain if you’ve been to a national park recently — they are a huge draw for international tourists. Here are 20 amazing photos featured on the Interior’s Instagram.

Tie Sing

This backcountry cook you’ve never heard of is a legend at Yosemite National Park


Fires Continue To Rage At Yosemite National Park

Fire near Yosemite latest during drought-dried summer


A Tree Falls in the Forest

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One issue the Washoe will continue to press with the President in the coming months is Cave Rock. This picturesque outcrop on the edge of Lake Tahoe is the tribe’s most sacred site in the Basin. It’s also a popular spot for rock climbers. The Washoe say climbing Cave Rock is sacrilegious, but the climbers […]

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During the recent Presidential forum at Lake Taho, Clinton pledged money to preserve the ecosystem of the basin. He also promised to return some land to the Washoe Indians who lay claim to the whole lake. Cheryl Colopy reports.

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Lake Tahoe

Last year, Lake Tahoe was visited by five times as many people as Yosemite. Yet it does not enjoy the same protections as a Naitonal Park. As a result, Tahoe has lost a third of its renowned transparency in the past three decades, and water quality continues to decline. William Albright reports from Nevada.

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Containing the New Rush in the Sierras

There’s a new rush on in the Sierra Mountain Range. . . but its not gold. It’s people. Cy Musiker reports on how environmentalists are working to find common ground with the timber and leisure industries to strike a balance for wilderness preservation and economic growth in this fast growing region in California.

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Interpreting History

An African American ranger gets into character to tell the history of a buffalo soldier who protected Yosemite soon after it was designated a National Park in 1890.