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China announces a new ban on single-use plastics

As one of the world’s biggest users of plastic, China recently unveiled a major plan to phase out single-use plastics across the country.

A woman stands on a sandy beach wearing a blue jacket with her hands in her pockets and her hair blowing in the wind.

Can UK communities go ‘plastic free’ with cultural shift?

Workers in a dark building sort trash from a conveyor belt.

Inside the long war to protect plastic

Pushing plastics
the singapore skyline in the background and a landfill in the foreground

In Singapore, where trash becomes ash, plastics are still a problem

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Are IV Bags Hazardous to Your Health

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The end of the plastic bag?

The plastic shopping bag is a major shopping convenience, but it’s also a major environmental blight, and some countries, like Australia and China, plan to phase out the use of the bags completely