American rapper Jay-Z performs at Bercy stadium in Paris on October 17, 2013.

Listen to the Egyptian song that has Jay Z in court


When Jay Z dropped “Big Pimpin'” in 1999, he thought he had permission to sample its iconic Middle Eastern hook. But years later, the heir of the man who composed the original song is taking Jay Z and producer Timbaland to court.

An image of The Winstons taken from a 1969 edition of Billboard magazine.

The six-second drum solo that has been used a thousand times


U.S. Census releases digital versions of 1940 survey

Global Politics

Google versus Pollsters: Who’s Right?

How Important Are Political Polls?

Letters From Listeners

A sampling of call-in and written responses to some recent Living on Earth reports.

The World

National census outreach picks up steam

Global Politics

You may have already received a letter notifying of the imminent arrival of your mandatory census questionnaire. But did you know that answering those questions is vitally important for the funding of local, regional and nationally funded programs?

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Global Hit – DJ Bitman

Global Hit

Anchor Marco Werman profiles Chilean musician and producer Jose Antonio Bravo — better known on the airwaves in Santiago as DJ Bitman.