Greta Thunberg sits at the World Economic Forum.

How CEOs, experts and philosophers see the world’s biggest risks differently


Many experts want political and business leaders to see climate change as a large risk, but why don’t they?

A roulette wheel is spun.

The economics of risk taking in the workplace

The World

This Japanese woman never gave up on her hometown. Even after the tsunami


Japanese photographers volunteer to help tsunami, earthquake victims find memories

Insurance industry looking at revising rates to reflect changing climate


Japanese fisherman embrace tsunami as a chance to reinvent their industry


In the wake of last March’s tsunami, Japan’s fishing industry was devastated. Towns were wiped from the map, boats and fishing equipment were smashed to pieces. But from the rubble some fishermen have found a new way forward.

Tourists flocking to tsunami-scarred Indonesian communities

As Indonesia recovers from the devastating 2004 earthquake and tsunami, many tourists are coming to the country because of the disaster. They want to see the recovery and especially the iconic location photographed after the tsunami.

Investing in catastrophes

A market for so catastrophe bonds is growing in the United States as natural disasters become more frequent and more severe.

World Bicycle Relief

An innovative program provides bicycles to people in need in the developing world — like HIV caregivers in Zambia.

Aceh’s Orphans

Donations have generously helped tsunami survivors in Aceh, but the neediest children in there these days are not tsunami survivors.