A "telepresence" robot which provides face-to-face medical consultation is pictured at Changi Exhibition Centre which has been repurposed into a community isolation facility that will house recovering or early COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms.

The economics of a global emergency


In a national recession, who is hit hardest? How will we recover? And how do robots fit into the picture?


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Forever Young

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9-To-5 No More

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Residents of a crisis-ridden Rio caution future Olympic hosts

Supporters of Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, during a rally in Caracas, Thursday.

The nation where public workers have to take Friday off

Global Politics

Venezuela’s economy is deep in recession; drought is causing crippling shortages of energy and food. And to cap it all, the government can’t respond effectively because of a crippling political rivalry between a socialist president and an opposition-controlled congress.

Study: California Most Innovative State Government, Mississippi Least Innovative

State and local governments are easily stereotyped as bureaucratic and slow-moving, particularly since the recession and its aftermath forced many states to slash budgets and reduce staff. And yet, even in the aftermath of a recession, some states implement new policies much faster than others.   Frederick Boehmke, a professor of political science at the University […]

Knoxville One of Three American Cities “Fully Recovered” from Great Recession

What do Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Knoxville have in common? According to our research, not much.  But recent findings from the Brookings Institution show that these three cities are the only major metropolitan areas in the United States that are experiencing an economic recovery since the recession ended in 2009. Using GDP per capita and employment figures, […]

What Obligations Does College Have to the Post-Collegiate Life?

One of the most heated debates about education these days largely revolves around the fallout of the recession: with higher unemployment and fewer jobs available, many are quick to blame college education for its lack of practical applications in the workforce. But is this fair?  Liz Coleman, President of Bennington College, is trying to reorient what […]

Listeners Respond: Pay Cuts In Today’s Economy

We’ve been asking you to reach out and tell us how your job has changed since the great recession. Some of you have told us about unemployment spells while others have told us they couldn’t be more happy in their current employment.  A number of you spoke of another issue: pay cuts. We speak with Mike, […]