A room of people seated at a table listen to a speaker. A man stands at a podium at the front, with his back to the camera.

Can Toastmasters Ramallah stay politics-free?


Speakers are asked to avoid controversial subjects like politics, religion and race, and so far Toastmasters Ramallah has followed the custom. But it’s getting harder to do that, members say.

Muna Assaf has been asking her reporters to talk with people on the street about catcalling. She men do it because they think they have the authority to do it.

A Palestinian radio station in the West Bank tackles catcalling, divorce and sex


As Gaza burns, some West Bankers are calling for a third intifada

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (center) addresses the crowd of Israelis.

Here’s what happened when Israeli students had a rare chance to visit, and question, the Palestinian president

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West Bank’s only ballet school offers refuge for Palestinian kids

Arts, Culture & Media

Palestinian man’s death in Israeli jail leads to speculation about third intifada

A 30-year-old Palestinian man, jailed after being accused of hurling a rock at an Israeli citizen, died in Israeli custody. Palestinians say he was tortured; Israelis say an investigation is ongoing. Now, some are wondering if this will lead to another intifada.

Non-violent resistance in the West Bank

A growing movement among Palestinians in the West Bank advocates non-violent resistance to Israeli occupation.

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West Bank’s Only Ballet School Offers Refuge for Palestinian Kids

Conflict & Justice

The World’s Matthew Bell has the story of a school in Ramallah that’s a refuge from the stress of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s believed to be the West Bank’s only ballet school.

Death of Palestinian Resurrects Possibility of Third Intifada

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The death of a Palestinian man in an Israeli jail is raising tensions in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Palestinian officials claim the man was tortured. Israel said it’s still investigating. The funeral for the 30-year-old man was held Monday.

Israel’s Neighbors Ask What a New Governing Coalition Will Mean for Peace

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Rami Khouri, a columnist for The Daily Star newspaper in Beirut says Israel’s neighbors are bracing for election results that will likely usher in a more right-wing Israeli governing coalition.