Yousef Hammash with his wife and children, Elia and Ahmad.

‘I don’t know what’s waiting for us in the next minute’: A father tries to protect his family in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

Israel has signaled that it’s planning to expand operations in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. About a million Palestinians are crammed into the city near the Egyptian border after repeatedly being told to move south, and now they say they have nowhere left to flee. The World’s host Carolyn Beeler speaks to Yousef Hammash, who works with the aid group the Norwegian Refugee Council, and moved there months ago with this family.

Painting Me

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The Marley Brothers

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Frieda Hughes

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Special Guest: Rosanne Cash

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Bee-ing There

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The CBS animated series Creature Comforts features the voices of real people in real conversations, set to various animals. Radio producer Lu Olkowskirecorded her own parents, Bob and Kathy Olkowski, for the show. Kathy was hoping she and her husband would be represented as little clay lovebirds; Bob thought anacondas or gorillas. They found out […]

Lucy Oliveira of the New Bedford Immigrants' Assistance Center sits with 86-year-old Margarida Xavier, who moved to the US from Portugal in the 1960s. Oliveira visits Xavier's home every month and often helps Xavier read her mail.

Some Portuguese immigrants feel isolated as they grow old in their adopted home


Margarida Xavier came to Massachusetts in the 1960s, when the Portuguese community in New Bedford was a booming microcosm of life back home. As younger generations integrate, life for the most elderly immigrants, who still maintain the culture and language of their home, are feeling isolated.

"Los Olvidados" is just one of many guerrilla-style art installations by Ramiro Gomez. The LA-based artist focuses his work on the country's often unnoticed immigrant laborers.

How an LA artist brings often unseen immigrant workers into the public eye

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Los Angeles-based artist Ramiro Gomez has been getting a lot of attention lately for his work depicting the city’s vast immigrant workforce. But he doesn’t confine his works to galleries. He brings them to the streets, where immigrant workers may be seen.

Filipino domestic workers flee war in Syria, return home to no work

Many Filipinos look abroad to find work, because of a scarcity at home, often as domestic workers. Some headed to Syria before the country was engulfed in domestic turmoil and got trapped. Slowly they’ve been returning, but only to discover there are still no jobs at home.

In India, students can study whatever they want, so long as its engineering


The majority of students in India want to be engineers — and they’ll go to great lengths to get there. Some 500,000 students will apply for 10,000 spots at the Indian Institute of Technology, and they’ll spend years cramming for the exam that makes or breaks their chances.