A woman shows washing hands instructions to students in a classroom.

Border closures, travel restrictions limit relief organizations

Several relief organizations have announced the elimination of non-critical missions to limit staff exposure to the virus.

A woman stands near the corner of a house next to a flooded field.

In Idai’s wake, aid groups worry about ‘double tragedy’ of cholera

Climate Change

The Oxfam scandal shows that reform is needed in the humanitarian aid sector

An injured boy is taken to a ward inside a hospital after an earthquake in Siliguri

How to help Nepal: 10 vetted charities doing relief work following the earthquakes


UN Approves First Global Arms Treaty

Conflict & Justice

Senegalese Musician Baaba Maal Travels to Mauritania

Arts, Culture & Media

Maal traveled the region with aid group Oxfam to witness first hand, the drought and food crisis there.

US Bank Blocks Transfers to Somalia

On Friday, Somali authorities pleaded with U.S. officials to  ease restrictions on wire transfers  to the region after Sunrise Community Banks of Minnesota announced plans to halt the service. Due to the large number of Somalians living in that state, Sunrise handles many of these transactions.  The U.S. views wire transfers to the Horn of Africa as risky […]

The World

Somalia famine made worse by militants blocking aid


What was a serious problem with the weather has become a humanitarian crisis in Somalia where much of the country is controlled by militias. Because relief can’t reach them, famished Somalians are trying to get to aid.

What Constitues a Famine?

Global Politics

Why scientists and people in the food aid world disagree on labeling the food crisis in East Africa as ‘famine?’

Drought in East Africa Causes Crisis

For three seasons in a row, the rains in parts of East Africa have failed to come, resulting in a drought more severe than many can remember. Cattle have been particularly hard hit in areas where many of the pastoralist people depend on beef as their main