people at barbershop

A spike in ringworm cases in Spain leads to a surprising culprit: the barbershop


​​​​​​​A ringworm outbreak among Spanish teens has been traced back to barbershops and a fashionable haircut: the fade. Spanish dermatologists blame dirty electric razors.

A man is shown in soft focus in the near ground wearing a reflective jacket and standing near an area with a restricted zone sign.

Virus spreads to more Chinese cities, President Xi says containment is priority

The Ebola virus might remain present in body fluids including semen longer than previously thought.

Unravelling an ‘epidemiological mystery’ about the transmission of Ebola in semen

A baboon stakes out a walkway near the entrance of Tanzania's Udzungwa National Park. With human settlement at the base of the still wild Udzungwa Mountains growing fast, humans and wild animals are coming into ever more frequent contact, creating what on

To prevent the next Ebola, scientists try to catch new viruses before they break out

Interviewing people in Guinea in December  "They were telling me they didn’t believe Ebola was a real virus. "BBC correspondent Tulip Mazumdar conducts an interview in Guinea in December 2014. "They were telling me they didn’t believe Ebola was a real vir

Ebola veterans warn that vigilance is still needed as case numbers drop

An ambulance transporting an Ebola patient drives to the entrance of a treatment centre outside Freetown, Sierra Leone.

An American aid worker with Ebola receives speedy care, while a Sierra Leonean colleague is ‘left behind’


An African health care professional didn’t get the same care as his American colleague when he contracted Ebola at a Partners in Health-supported treatment facilities in Sierra Leone.

A baby looks out of a box at an outdoor market in Devils Hole, Sierra Leone. A new report suggests Ebola has created 12,000 orphans in the West African country.

Armies of student volunteers are key to Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola


The resurgence of Ebola in Sierra Leone can be traced to two wooden boats and the fishermen that carried the disease from their decks into Freetown. But the country’s youth — unpaid volunteers — are helping track down the resurgent disease.

A mural in Monrovia illustrating health instructions for treating the Ebola virus.

Liberians worry that next week’s elections might spread Ebola


Public concern about the spread of Ebola in Liberia seems to be waning, even though about 10 new cases continue to be reported in the capital Monrovia every day. Now the possibility of Senate elections there next week has health officials especially worried.

Edward Turay, Sierra Leone's High Commissioner to Britain, attends the "Defeating Ebola: Sierra Leone" conference in central London on October 2, 2014.

Ebola cases are soaring in Sierra Leone, and the government is coming up short


Despite a major influx of supplies and expertise, new cases of Ebola are spreading faster in Sierra Leone than in neighboring Liberia. While some Sierra Leoneans are pointing the finger at the UK, which once ruled the country, the government’s disorganized response is playing a big role.

Young residents pose for a photograph on a street in the Clifton neighborhood of Staten Island in New York on October 25, 2014. The area is home to a community known as "Little Liberia" — it has the largest concentration of Liberians outside of Africa.

A new hotline fights Ebola-related stigma against African immigrants


Ebola is still a scary, hot-button issue in the United States, and some Africans immigrants say they’re being harrassed and discriminated against because of those fears. Now a web- and phone-based hotline is hoping to collect those stories and use them to fight back against unwarranted attacks.