Non-governmental organization

A woman is shown standing behind three cats in cages below a wooden sign that says, "Woof fest."

Russia’s volunteers take on the state — and its workload

Generation Putin

A growing number of Russians are volunteering time to help solve issues facing the country — issues that the Russian state is not taking on itself.

Protesters wa;l through the streets of a city carrying Russian flags and large signs written in Russian.

Laws are chipping away at democracy around the world

Global Politics

With eye on Soros, Hungary considers ban on pro-immigration groups

Global Politics
"The Samaritans"

In Kenya’s twist on ‘The Office,’ a fictional aid organization gets skewered

Arts, Culture & Media
Chasing Chaos - Jessica Alexander's new memoir -  offers an insider's look at the contradictions of relief work.

A novice humanitarian aid worker confronts mayhem in the field

Development & Education

What to consider when you are considering donating

Global Politics

Giving your money away is a big commitment, and typically you want your money to make as big an impact as possible. So what should you think about when choosing who deserves to receive your hard-earned cash?

Environmental activists under increasing attacks as natural resources diminish


Global Witness says that the number of assassinations of environmental activists has risen around the world. Journalist Fred Pearce says that drawing attention to these cases could help prevent more deaths.

Egypt files charges against 19 Americans accused of running NGOs

Despite explicit warnings from top U.S. officials, Egypt will go ahead with trials of some 45 people accused of working for or running foreign-funded NGOs in the country, under a rule first imposed by deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

Creating jobs in Haiti

A new program from MIT aims to help create jobs in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Maternal mortality in Afghanistan

Health & Medicine

Badakhshan in northeast Afghanistan now ranked second worst in the world in maternal mortality — how NGOs are stepping in to help.