National anthem

Hong Kong fans cover their faces and boo during the Chinese national anthem, at a friendly soccer match between Hong Kong and Bahrain in Hong Kong, China, November 9, 2017.

In Hong Kong, insulting China’s national anthem could soon be illegal

Pro-Beijing lawmakers in Hong Kong introduced a bill to criminalize “disrespect” of China’s national anthem. Pro-democracy activists say it’s all about stifling dissent.

Studio 360’s Redesign Challenge: the Fourth of July

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The Apples in stereo’s “Beauty of America”

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A New National Anthem

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John Belushi portrait for the film "Animal House" in 1978.

Did Bosnia rip off its national anthem from ‘Animal House?’

COSAT students sing national anthem.

Can you create a national anthem from a mashup? Here’s why South Africa did it

Development & Education

When South Africa ended apartheid and held free elections nearly 20 years ago, it needed a song that would heal the rift created by segregation. Its choice, the country’s new national anthem, is part-hymn, part-march, and all mashup. Instead of rejecting the past, it embraced both parts of it.

Hot New Anthem Contest for Volcanic Caribbean Nation

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Since the population of the island we want you to name was mostly evacuated or relocated to the northern region there has been an ongoing process of re-establishing a national identity. And that includes finding a national anthem. Can you name the island?